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UV protected multi - layer cross lamination Film machine

Multi Layered Cross Lamination Film
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We are doing constant research to provide innovative products and endeavors to redefine the plastic flexible segment with multi layers, multi axis oriented cross lamination film Machine.

It is Cross Laminated, Multi Layer, Multi Axis Oriented Film

It comprises of biaxial oriented layers of plastic film bonded to one another in the machine operation direction, transverse and angular axis all together in multi-directions bonded by a cold roll technique.

It has exceptional puncture resistant & barrier property, cutting - edge manufacturing technology delivers a superior product that does not peel off, shred, crack or cause leak easily. Extremely light weight but stronger. High UV property delivers better crack and weather resistance.

Its is odourless, non toxic, recyclable, food grade and can be used for protecting, covering food grade item also.

Unique Features

Quality Parameters

Difference Between Conventional Tarpaulin and UV Protected Multi-Layered Cross Lamination Film

Made of woven polyethylene fabric laminated with poly film UV Protected Multilayer multi axis oriented Cross laminated film
Due to inherent product manufacturing process, product gets delaminated, disoriented very fast with loose shreds and ends Superior technology enables film to have excellent lamination and weathering resistance
Lamination develops cracks and tarpaulin shreds , poor weathering resistance Excellent weathering resistance does not shred or crack easily. Its’ five times more durables
Inherent product structure makes it heavy As the film has got exceptional strength, it is much lighter in weight
Stitching is done for side reinforcement, but has poor life as stitch wears off easily Site reinforcement are done by ultrasonic welding technology, excellent weld property
Poor water resistance & poor barrier property Excellent water barrier property
On exposure to sunlight, conventional tarpaulin weakens rapidly developing cracks and shreds Gods weathering resistance even on exposure to sunlight
Eyelets provided on reinforced sides weakens tarpaulin as it tears of easily Strong and rigid eyelets are provided on sided edges, does no weakens.
Surface does not allow excellent printing Surface allows good printing and marking branding possible
Large variations in GSM / thickness Excellent technology allows very find control & tolerance of GSM / thickness
Other conventional tarpaulin such as PVC tarpaulin are heavy, not moisture resistant and difficult to handles It is light weight and easy to handles
Develops bad odour when in contact with moisture, toxic and non food grade Odourless and non – toxic
Post services waste generated in not eco friendly Post service life, product is 100% recyclables environmenlly sustainable and eco friendly
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